Escalibur Almase Project

Excalibur Almaz contractor becomes first CCDev2 participant to successfully complete all SAA milestones – July 6, 2012 – Excalibur Almaz, Incorporated (EAI), a private U.S. company based in Houston, TX, has successfully completed all the milestones for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program second development round (CCDev2) of Space Act Agreements (SAA). EAI’s milestones were fully verified and completed on June 19 (Read full article).

XCOR and Excalibur Almaz sign MOU for suborbital training services – LONDON, June 20, 2012 – Excalibur Almaz Limited (EA), a commercial aerospace company based on the Isle of Man, British Isles, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with California-based XCOR Aerospace for suborbital flight services. The agreement signed in conjunction with the Royal Aeronautical Society’s 3rd European Space Tourism Conference calls for XCOR to provide suborbital flight familiarization and training using its Lynx vehicle for Excalibur Almaz crews traveling on Earth orbit, circumlunar, and deep space missions. (Read full article).

Fly me to the Moon – British firm announces details of first manned lunar mission since Apollo and invites would-be space explorers to participate in this epic new voyage – LONDON, June 19, 2012 – The British Isles space-exploration company, Excalibur Almaz (EA), today confirmed financial details and market assumptions concerning its bold plan to fly people to the lunar orbit for the first time since 1972. To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of mankind’s last giant leap into the heavens, EA is inviting members of the The firm, based in the Isle of Man, a centre in the burgeoning British space industry, is light years ahead of rivals in the race to become the first commercial enterprise able to offer tickets for members of the public to explore deep space. (Read full article).

Excalibur Almaz Announces Lunar and Deep Space Mission Capability – Excalibur Almaz Limited (EA) CEO, Art Dula, announced at the National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in Washington D.C. bold plans to reach farther than any other manned-space mission has traveled in recent years. In unveiling his company’s lunar and deep space mission capability, Mr. Dula took another step toward achieving the next giant leap in space exploration and creating an affordable commercial space program. (Read full article).

Excalibur Almaz to Showcase Flown Spacecraft to Area Students – Excalibur Almaz to showcase flown spacecraft to area students (Read full article).


Space Stations Showcased on Isle of Man – Excalibur Almaz to showcase Space Stations on the Isle of Man (Read full article).


Space Stations Arrive on the Isle of Man – The Excalibur Almaz Space Stations arrive on the Isle of Man (Read full article).


Almaz vehicle unveiling on Isle of Man – Senior executives from Excalibur Almaz (EA), including CEO Art Dula, held a briefing on the company’s plans for a wide range of corporate executives and government officials (Read full article).


Excalibur Almaz participates in Moscow Air Show – The Excalibur Almaz space vehicle made its long awaited public debut at the MAKS air show in Moscow August 18-23, 2009. Several thousand visitors were on-hand to see the spacecraft’s “smart space” design that combines proven, space flown technology with today’s advanced engineering and innovations (Read full article).


Excalibur Almaz Presents Plan for Commercial Space Flight – Excalibur Almaz Ltd (EA), an international space exploration company, today held a series of events to mark its announcement of plans to provide commercial flights to and from outer space. The events, including a press briefing and VIP reception for the local business and educational community, were co-sponsored by the Isle of Man Government and by King William’s College (KWC), which is providing a temporary home for the spacecraft during its short stay on the Island (Read full article).

Excalibur Almaz to Pioneer Private Orbital Manned Space Flight – Excalibur Almaz Limited (EA), an international space exploration company, today announced plans to open up a new era of private orbital space flight for commercial customers, using updated elements of the “Almaz” space system originally developed by JSC MIC NPO Mashinostroyenia (NPOM) of Russia (Read full article).