HAA Berkut

The HAA Berkut is a solar powered airship capable to keep its position over a certain place on a 20 – 23 km altitude. The Berkut can carry up to 1200 kg of various communication and surveillance equipment and supply it with electrical power. Geostationary performance (station keeping) enables to provide various communications, broadcasting and observation services to the territory of more than one million square kilometers. It covers any large metropolitan areas and such countries as France or United Kingdom! Unlike geostationary satellites, the HAA allows to repair, upgrade or replace the equipment every 3 – 4 months while the airship perform service landing. This stratospheric platform is expected to generate new earth observations at the local area (highly important for anti terrorism and anti smuggling missions). Also it will make possible ultra- high – speed data communications by portable terminals, and will be a new infrastructure for the new generation system of information and communications. Experts admit that the HAA can provide over 1000 times better the fixed broadband local access capacity of a geostationary satellite with the same frequency of a band, on bytes per second per square kilometers