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NASA selected our Dream Chaser spaceplane to provide cargo delivery, return and disposal services for the International Space Station. Under the Commercial Resupply Services 2 (CRS-2) contract, Dream Chaser will provide a minimum of six cargo service missions to and from the space station starting in fall 2021.

The Dream Chaser cargo system is designed to deliver up to 5,500 kg of pressurized and unpressurized cargo to the space station, including food, water, supplies and science experiments. The Dream Chaser can gently return critical cargo with a runway landing at less than 1.5 g’s. After leaving the space station, the Dream Chaser can also dispose of trash. The vehicle is designed for high reusability, reducing overall cost and a quick turnaround between missions. The ability to launch on top of multiple launch vehicles and land at a wide variety of runways makes Dream Chaser a flexible option for reliable transportation.

Dream Chaser Cargo System Specific Features Include:

  • Disposable cargo module that attaches to the Dream Chaser vehicle, greatly increasing the amount pressurized and unpressurized cargo that can be carried
  • Ability to do both disposal and pressurized cargo return on every mission
  • Innovative folding-wing design allowing the uncrewed Dream Chaser spacecraft to fit inside existing standard launch vehicle fairings, making it compatible with a suite of current and future launch vehicles
  • Solar arrays on the cargo module increase flight time in space and support powered payloads